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General Arbitration Experience

Lead Counsel in numerous domestic arbitration cases, including high-profile cases in the offshore industry. Also experience as Arbitrator, Counsel and Co-counsel in international arbitration cases, particularly related to oil & gas and offshore. In addition to his experience arbitration practice, Mr. Tørum is co-author of i.a. standard Norwegian textbook on Norwegian Petroleum Law, and he has published numerous articles on contract law, offshore contracts, arbitration, dispute resolution etc. His doctoral thesis on so-called "Direct Action" in sales, fabrication and construction contracts is comparative.

Name: Amund Bjøranger Tørum
Title: Dr. juris, Attorney at Law, Head of Oil & Gas and Oil Services
Nationality: Norwegian
Residence: Oslo
Telephone: +47 23 01 15 70
Bar Admission:
Languages: Scandinavian, English, Some German
Professional Licenses: Admitted to the Norwegian Bar, Certified International Arbitrator (by the Danish Lawyer Association) (2011)
Firm Name: Advokatfirmaet Schjødt AS
Firm Address: P.O.Box 2444 Solli, 0201 Oslo
Firm Country: Norway
Firm Phone: +47 21 00 00 50
Firm Email:
Firm Website:
Work history

Partner at Schjødt since 2011

Partner at Kvale, 2008-2011

Legal Counsel in Talisman Energy, 2006-2007

Participant in the Study Group on a European Civil Code, Working Group on Lease of Goods, the comparative work leading up to the Draft Common Frame of Reference, 2002-2006

Associate Professor and Head of Offshore Contracts and Arbitration at University of Bergen, 2002-2008

Research Fellow, University of Bergen, 1999

Editor of the law journal Jussens Venner, 2000

Oil, Gas and Energy Contract Law

Oil service and offshore: Lead Counsel in numerous international arbitration cases in the offshore industry (primarily ad hoc, but also ICC, SCC and UNCITRAL). Many of the cases have been related to construction of Drilling Units, Offshore Development Projects (EPC-Contracts for Topsides, Jackets, FPSOs, FSOs, Transportation and Installation of offshore units, Heavy Lifts, SURF/Subsea). He has also experience with complex Decommissioning projects in Norway and UK. Mr. Tørum is representing both international and domestic E&P Companies and Norwegian and international Contractors. He represented Talisman Energy in the high profile disputes with SBM in the YME offshore development project, and in 2015 he represented Samsung Heavy Industries in the Norwegian Supreme Court regarding Norwegian jurisdiction regarding interim measures in international arbitration.

E&P and regulatory: Mr. Tørum has been Lead Counsel counsel in numerous domestic cases related to JOAs, third party access/tie-in, Processing Agreements, voting rules, Rig Consortiums, decommissioning etc. He has also been Lead Counsel in several international arbitration cases between oil companies and groups of oil companies, i.a. disputes related to cross-border tie-in/processing-agreements and cross-border unit agreements. He has been Co-Counsel in international arbitration cases related to JVs, JOAs, Production Sharing Agreements and Carry Agreements.

Public Law Regulations, Concessions and Tariffs
Construction and Oil-service Law

Infrastructure and PPP/PFI: Advisor and Counsel in major PPP-projects, i.a. disputes involving Joint Venture Agreements, Design Contracts, EPC-Contracts and M&O-Contracts.

Insurance, Finance and Maritime Law

Transactions and investments: Lead Counsel in international arbitration case (UNCITRAL) related to acquisition of offshore technology and allegations of misrepresentation and breach of warranties.

Corporate Transactions and Investor Disputes
• Should the Civil Procedure Act to a larger extent facilitate large and complex commercial disputes? Together with Ingvald Falch, published in LoR 2015 No. 5

• The Exceptions in CISG Article 2 (e)for ‘Ships’ and ‘Vessels’ – Particularly on Sales of Offshore Units and Construction of Shipsand Offshore Units, Published in Tribute Book to Joseph Lookofsky (Copenhagen 2015)

• The modified disclosure and discovery regime under the Norwegian Procedure Act, Norwegian Business Law Review (2015)

• When may an arbitration clause be invoked by or towards a third party? Published in the antology Arbitration in Practice (2015)

• Additional payment based on "hardship" in "construction sales contracts" (EPC-contracts) governed by CISG? The article is published in The CISG Convention and Domestic Contract Law (edited by Mads Bryde Andersen and Joseph Lookofsky, Copenhagen (2014)

• Comments in Rettsdata to the Civil Procedure Act chapter 2 and 9 (2014)

• "Comparison of offshore and onshore construction contracts, Norwegian Business Law Review (2010)

• "Incorporation of Arbitration Clauses:Norwegian Law Perspective," PLC Multi-jurisdictional Guide to Arbitration (2010)

• Co-author of standard Norwegian textbook on Petroleum Law (Petroleumsloven med kommentarer) (2009)

• Principles of European Law - Lease of Goods (co-author), European law publishers (2007)

• The venue for direct action in the Lugano Convention, Festkrift to Helge Johan Thue (2007)

• Specification of the defect as a requirement for interruption of time-bar – illustrated by "symptoms" regarding ship building contracts and EPC Contracts, Norwegian Business Law Review (2007)

• The Nordic Law of Obligations and its impact on Norwegian contract law, Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap (2006)

• Product liability in the clothes of sales law, Tidsskrift for Rettsvitenskap (2006)

• Back-to-back in PFI projects, Lov og Rett (2005)

• Comments in Rettsdata to Norske Lov (invalidity etc.)

• Consistency in private law, Jussens Venner (2001)

• Privity of contract, Lov og Rett (2001)