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Thomas K. Svensen (svensen-thomas-krage)    Edit Member    All Members

General Arbitration Experience

Counsel in several domestic and international arbitrations.

Arbitrator in several tribunals, including in energy and shipping related disputes.

Name: Thomas K. Svensen
Title: Attorney at law
Nationality: Norwegian
Residence: Oslo
Telephone: +47 21 00 00 50
Bar Admission:
Languages: Scandinavian, English
Professional Licenses: Admitted to the Norwegian Bar, Admitted to the Norwegian Supreme Court (2002)
Firm Name: Advokatfirmaet BA-HR DA
Firm Address: P.O.Box 1524 Vika (Tjuvholmen alle 16), 0117 Oslo
Firm Country: Norway
Firm Phone: +47 21 00 00 50
Firm Email:
Firm Website:
Work history

Partner at BAHR since 2015

Partner at Wiersholm, 2006 - 2014

Lawyer at the Office of the Attorney General (civil affairs), 1998-2003, 2005-2006

Management consultant/Engagement manager, McKinsey & Company, 2003-2005

Part-time secretary related to working committee on the new Norwegian arbitration act - NOU 2001: 33, 2001

Research fellow, Faculty of law, University of Bergen, 1997

Oil, Gas and Energy Contract Law

Counsel to operators and licensees in sesveral cases and disputes concerning JOAs, including issues related to cost responsibility and cost allocation, voting requirements and management committee process concerning field developments.

Counsel to operators and licensees in several cases dealing with unitization, including negotiations prior to entering into a unitization agreement and negotiations, disputes and arbitrations related to redtermination.

Counsel to operators and licensees in relation to JV issues, including related to cross-border pipelines and other infrastructure. Further, counsel to oil companies in relation to international cooperation agreements and AMI agreements.

Counsel in several price review disputes and international arbitrations involving multiple gas sales agreements between a wide range of gas sellers and European gas buyers.

Counsel in relation to several cases and disputes related to land lease agreements and waterfall agreements.

Counsel in relation to several cases and disputes related to concession issues and structuring of power contracts within the applicable regulatory framework.

Involved in several high profile transactions related to Norwegian hydro power plants.

Public Law Regulations, Concessions and Tariffs
Construction and Oil-service Law

Counsel to operators and licensees in several cases and disputes dealing with tie-in and processing agreements, including cost responsibility and cost allocation related to equipment failure and litigation related to reallocation of petroleum.

Counsel to operators and licensees in multiple contract negotiations and disputes related to rig contracts and rig assignment contracts. In addition, involved in several contracts related to accommodation vessels/rigs.

Counsel in relation to contract development and negotiation in relation to FPSOs.

Counsel to operators and licensees on the NCS in cases and disputes related to decommissioning of offshore facilities.

Insurance, Finance and Maritime Law

Counsel in relation to multiple asset sales, including cross-border infrastructure.

Counsel in relation to multiple transactions related to license interests on the NCS, including development of compensation structures tailored to the specifics of the different licensees.

Counsel to oil companies in relation to international cooperation agreements, including agreements related to joint approach to new areas.

Counsel in oil companies in relation to several mergers and acqusitions, including disputes in relation to such. This includes a key role in relation to e.g. the StatoilHydro merger and the acquisition of 1/3 of Gassled which is the transportation and processing system on the NCS for natural gas.

Arbitrator in NCS corporate transaction dispute.

Corporate Transactions and Investor Disputes
Praktisk økonomi & finans, nr 3, 2012, The five phases of transactions involving going concerns

Stockholm Arbitration Report, 2003: 1, New Norwegian Arbitration Act - Draft Statute

Lov og Rett, nr. 2, 2002, Rt. 2001 s. 995 - The courts' competence to determine the outcome of administrative decisions' in rulings

Several engagements on oil & gas seminar and conferences.