Board Members

  • Anders Ryssdal   Chairman
    Nationality: Norwegian
    Residence: Oslo
    Telephone: +47 21 67 67 22

    Mr. Ryssdal has served as chairman and sole arbitrator in more than 15 international institutional and ad hoc arbitrations encompasssing a wide array of general business law disputes, as well as cases from the offshore, oil and energy sector. He also holds extensive practice as counsel in the same kind of disputes in arbitrations and before the general courts.

    He has served on panels appointed by the SCC, ICC, Oslo Chamber and Copenhagen Chamber, as well as in UNCITRAL and domestic ad hoc arbitrations.

    He is a member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, and the chairman of the Norwegian Oil and Energy Arbitration Association.

    Extensive experience as arbitrator in international institutional ad hoc and UNCITRAL arbitrations including a number of assignments as chairman and sole arbitrator.

    Extensive experience as counsel in a number of disputes before Norwegian courts including the Supreme Court.

    Member of the ICC Court of Arbitrations.

    President of the Norwegian Oil & Energy Association.

  • Nationality: Norwegian
    Residence: Oslo
    Telephone: +47 23 11 11 11

    Experience as chairman of the panel in two ICC arbitrations, and as chairman and co-arbitrator in numerous ad-hoc international arbitrations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

    Chairman of the board of the "Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Institute of Oslo Chamber of Commerce" from 2010 and a board member before that since 1986.

    Trained as a mediator by the "Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Institute of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce."

  • Christian Fredrik Michelet   Board member
    Nationality: Norwegian
    Residence: Oslo
  • Nationality: Norwegian
    Residence: Oslo
    Telephone: +47 22 82 75 00

    Since 2001 acted as counsel in around 20 international arbitrations involving amounts in dispute of more than 30 billion USD in a single case.

  • Nationality: Norwegian
    Residence: Oslo
    Telephone: +47 22 85 96 40

    Mr. Geir Woxholth has served on a number of arbitral tribunals - both institutional (ICC, Danish Institute) and ad hoc (domestic and international). His specializes in arbitration in the field of contract law and his experience is also related to international arbitration within the offshore sector. His speciality in offshore arbitration is price adjustment in Gas and Petroleum Contracts.

    Extensive experience in national and international arbitration as arbitrator, including several ICC cases regarding oil and gas contracts.

    Chairman of the Ethical Board of the Norwegian Stock-broker Association.

    Chairman of several governmental appointed boards and committees preparing new legislation.

    Expert witness on Norwegian law before US and British courts, including The Royal Court of Justice, UK.

  • Geir-Arne Heiestad Borgestrand   Secretary to the Board
    Nationality: Norwegian
    Residence: Oslo
    Telephone: +47 95 20 14 35

    Geir-Arne Borgestrand is specialized within construction, oil, gas and other energy with a special focus on offshore contracts.

    Geir-Arne has been Head of Legal for Norwegian contractor Aker Solutions ASA' (AKSO) Engineering and Subsea business areas. Prior to that, he was work with litigation in the Norwegian law firm BA-HR. He has extensive international experience within contract negotiations, project support and dispute resolution. He has also worked on setting up JV in several countries and has collaborated with several international law firms in different regions.

    Geir-Arne has provided several trainings sessions, both in Norway and abroad, related to general contracting law, compliance/business etich, project support and dispute resolution.

    Geir-Arne was ranked as «Up&Coming;” by the in the Norwegian Financial Daily’s annual lawyers survey