Geir Woxholth

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Name: Geir Woxholth
Nationality: Norwegian
Residence: Oslo
Telephone: +47 22 85 96 40
Languages: Scandinavian, English, German
Academic degrees: Cand.jur. University of Oslo (1981), Dr. juris, University of Oslo (1992)
Firm Name: Department of Private Law, University of Oslo
Firm Address: P.O. Box 6706 St. Olavs pl., 0130 Oslo
Firm Country: Norway
Firm Phone: +47 22 85 96 40
General Arbitration Experience

Mr. Geir Woxholth has served on a number of arbitral tribunals - both institutional (ICC, Danish Institute) and ad hoc (domestic and international). His specializes in arbitration in the field of contract law and his experience is also related to international arbitration within the offshore sector. His speciality in offshore arbitration is price adjustment in Gas and Petroleum Contracts.

Extensive experience in national and international arbitration as arbitrator, including several ICC cases regarding oil and gas contracts.

Chairman of the Ethical Board of the Norwegian Stock-broker Association.

Chairman of several governmental appointed boards and committees preparing new legislation.

Expert witness on Norwegian law before US and British courts, including The Royal Court of Justice, UK.

Work history

Professor, Department of Private Law, University of Oslo from 1993.

Deputy judge, Asker og Bærum herredsrett, 1987 - 1988.

Counsellor and later Head of Division, Ministry of Justice, 1982 - 1986.

Author of a Monograph on Scandinavian and International Arbitration (1200 pages).
Author of 14 Monographs and teaching books in the fields of contract law, company law, law of association, law of foundations, law and the ethics.
Author of numerous articles in law reviews.