Thomas Nordby

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Name: Thomas Nordby
Nationality: Norwegian
Residence: Oslo
Telephone: +47 90 16 81 50
Languages: Scandinavian, English, French
Professional Licenses: Cand.jur.
Firm Name: Schjødt Advokatfirma AS
Firm Address: Ruseløkkveien 14, 0201 Oslo
Firm Country: Norway
Firm Website:
General Arbitration Experience

Thomas Nordby is admitted to the Supreme Court and litigates regularly before Norwegian courts. He has litigated a large number of cases before the EU Court and the EFTA Court.

Thomas is an arbitrator in national and international arbitrations, ad hoc as well as institutional. He is a member of the IBA litigation Committee and highly engaged in international dispute resolution. He is in the Board of Directors of The Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Institute of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce (OCC). Thomas is also leading the Commercial Arbitration JUC network and is a member of The Danish Arbitration Association.

Out of court he spends an increasing amount of time on investigations, compliance and governance matters as well as competition enquiries and challenges. The kind of scrutiny that is applied in the context of court proceedings is detailed and extensive; and often internal investigations require the same approach to be effective. As a litigator, Thomas has the experience to anticipate the issues and advises clients on a range of governance topics.

Work history

Partner at Schjødt from 2018

Partner at Michelet & Co. from 2015.

Partner/Managing Partner at Arntzen de Besche, 2006 - 2015.

Attorney at Attorney General (Civil Affairs), 1999 - 2006.

Lawyer-linguist/research-lawyer at EFTA Court, 1996 - 1999.

Research assistant at University of Oslo, Faculty of Law, 19994 - 1996.

EEA state aid (Statsstøtte), 2008
Private Competitiion Enforcement Review 2011 (Norwegian submission), 2011
Public Procurement (Offentlige anskaffelser), 2013