Stephen Knudtzon

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Name: Stephen Knudtzon
Nationality: Norwegian
Residence: Oslo
Telephone: +47 23 11 11 11
Languages: Scandinavian, Dutch, English, French
Professional Licenses: Admitted to the Norwegian Bar (1979), Admitted to the Norwegian Supreme Court (1991)
Academic degrees: Cand.jur. University of Oslo (1976), Government sworn translator between Dutch and Norwegian, both in Norway and The Netherlands (1973)
Firm Name: Advokatfirmaet Thommessen
Firm Address: P.O.Box 1484 Vika, 0116 Oslo
Firm Country: Norway
Firm Phone: +47 23 11 11 11
Firm Website:
General Arbitration Experience

Experience as chairman of the panel in two ICC arbitrations, and as chairman and co-arbitrator in numerous ad-hoc international arbitrations in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Chairman of the board of the "Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Institute of Oslo Chamber of Commerce" from 2010 and a board member before that since 1986.

Trained as a mediator by the "Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Institute of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce."

Work history

Partner Advokatfirmaet Thommessen from 1993 (following a merger with Lund & Co.)

Partner Lund & Co., 1986 - 1993

Advokat - in house - Fred. Olsen & Co., 1984 - 1985

Assistant judge, Indre Follo court, 1981 - 1982

Advokat at Nordisk Skibsrederforening, 1976 - 1986 (with two periods of leave)

Research Assistant with the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law at the University of Oslo, 1974

Oil, Gas and Energy Contract Law

Counsel to license participant in a case relating to possible liability for the operator asr regards joint operating agreements.

Counsel for a participant in license on voting issues as regards joint venture.

Counsel for oil company on various tariff issues.

Counsel to Energy Underwriter in various disputes under CAR and other insurances.

Public Law Regulations, Concessions and Tariffs

Counsel for oil companies buying and selling licenses.

Construction and Oil-service Law

Counsel for drilling rig operators - Fred. Olsen Offshore / Fred. Olsen Energy, Odfjell Drilling, Songa Offshore, Smedvig/Seadrill.

Counsel in various cases related to offshore construction contracts - representing oil companies (PPCon, Norsk Hydro, Saga Petroleum) against the construction yard, relating to Ekofisk, Snorre B and Njord.

Counsel for Smedvig (Seadrill) in the Balder-case - relating to a FPSO - the biggest case ever in Norway (1 1/2 year in court).

Counsel in various arbitrations regarding disputes about offshore facilities - both floating and fixed platforms.

Counsel for various FPSO. Rig and vessel owners.

Legal advisor for service provider offering decommissioning services.

Experience as board member in various listed and non-listed oil service companies, such as Northern Offshore Ltd. (2008-2012), Bukser and Berging AS (1994-) and as alternate board member in Fred. Olsen Energy ASA (2002-)

Insurance, Finance and Maritime Law

Counsel in case about liability for pollution from shuttle tanker and from flow-lines from a FPSO.

Chapter 11 in "International Commercial Arbitration" (edited by prof. Giuditta Cordero-Moss), Cambridge University Press 2013: Arbitration in Oslo: Features of the Oslo Chamber of Commerce.
"Riggkontrakter - likheter og utviklingstendenser i oljeselskapenes kontraktspraksis", Marius 119.
"Den nye kontrakt for bygging av skip ved norske verksteder", Nordisk Medlemsblad - spesialnummer A 1984 and Marius 74.
Engaged by the Norwegian government to make a study in respect of the establishment of the Norwegian International Ship Register (1987) - published in Marius 131 - and by the local government of Åland to make a proposal for the establishment of an Åland International Ship Register and Tonnage Tax Regime (1999) - published in Marius 250.